Thursday, March 22, 2007

St. Patty's Weekend in TAMPA!

Im a little late with last weekend, but wanted share what a great weekend it was here in Tampa for St. Patricks Day.
FRIDAY was a date night for me, I met my date at the Starbucks on Westshore and Kennedy(quite a convenient spot), we headed to Davis Islands for dinner, Mexican was on tab so it was Estella's. I have never had a bad meal here, and getting there around 830, there were a few empty tables outside. Interesting, there was a Mariachi Band playing outside when we got there. We ordered the Chicken and Steak Fajitas, which was plenty for two, and Guacamole Dip. Temps were nice in the 50's. Afterwards I showed my date around Davis Islands, and we then headed to Hyde Park/SOHO area for dessert, which was Gelato at La Casa Dolce, the best coffee/gelato place around town. So many flavors of Gelato to choose from, and again, nice outdoor seating watching all the bar patrons across the way in MacDintons, and walking up and down Howard Ave. It was very business tonight, Spring Break, and alot of visitors in town. WE then walked over to the Dubliner, which had a live band outside. Hyde Park Cafe was next on the agenda, but tonight I was surprised that they were having a VIP party, and only allowing those on a "list" to get in. Very disspointed, im not sure what that was all about, and what's up with the Velvet Ropes, this ain't LA! We stopped for a cocktail(im still just drinking water, and really feel good about it) at City Side where I ran into a buddy of mine who was kind of out of it, so we drove him home, and then I took my date to the car at Starbucks.
SATURDAY-St. Patricks Day-after reading the paper out in the backyard with my juice(instead of coffee), I did a little yard work, and then met my date from last night at International Plaza's Bay Street. We had lunch at Cheesecake Factory, and did some browsing in the Mall. Not a big shopper, I tried a few things on, looked at the awesome LCD and Plasma TV's, and did some people watchin'. It was then off to Westshore Plaza, I needed something Green for the evenin festivities, so I spotted a snazy light green pull over sweater from Banana Republic. We went back to my house where we rested for a bit,m before heading to Hyde Park at the Irish Bars. MacDintons was PACKED, Dubliner was PACKED, Four Green Fields was PACKED..we decided to call my friends Lisa, Chantel, Mike and Calvin who were in MacDintons to meet us for dinner, I didnt want to deal with drunks that had been drinkin all day. We all went to Bella's for some awesome Italian bites. Then headed home to watch "Employee of the Month" on Pay Per View.
SUNDAY - was family day, my bro and sis inlaw came down with the baby, and we headed to Heritage Village, and the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo. What a great day, temps in the 70's, blue skies. Heritage Village is a recreated Florida town, where they took actual historic structures(homes, train depot, stores, churches, schools, etc.) that were going to be demolished in the local area, like a trip through time. Then we wondered through the Botanical Gardens which was very nice, my fav part with the Palms section. Who knew there was over 100 species of Palms. We then headed to Indian Rocks Beach to toss the Frisbee, but it was too breezy for the baby, so we grabbed some late lunch at Keegan's-great seafood joint, very casual, for some Crab Sandwich's, Oysters and Calamari. Wanting to still toss the Frisbee, we went to Seminole Lake Park, a beautiful park situated around Seminole Lake. After about an hour of tossin the disc around, we headed back to Tampa, and had Westshore Pizza and Stromboli while watchin some movies on Pay Per View. What a GREAT WEEKEND!
Heading to Birmingham and Orlando this week for work.....

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