Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dollar Movies are BACK in South Tampa!

I remember going to the AMC behind Britton Plaza for $1 movies back in the early 90's...what a treat, especially since I was just getting out of college, and renting a house with some college buddies at the time.
Well, Britton 8 theaters, which closed last September, has re-opened, and are playing first run movies(saw Bruno), along with a Bollywood type movie. Each flick is only $2..thats right $2, large screens, surround sound, 80's style seating, no frills movie theater. And also, $1 popcorn, which I was surprised how fresh tasting it was, being stored in the ice bin behind the counter, and $1 sodas. So if you dont mind not having stadium seating, an empty theater, and only small popcorn and small drinks...and also are a little tight on $$$, you cant beat the re-opening of Britton 8 theaters, in the Britton Plaza on South Dale Mabry in South Tampa.

The owner tells me that these prices should last through November.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dave Matthews Band visits Tampa

WOW!! What a GREAT show, ive been to see Dave 15 years in a row now, and this show had to be one of their BEST. Having seats instead of Lawn tickets made for an even more enjoyable experience. Amazing Jams, especially the Encore..mixing in Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven into All along the Watchtower...just chilling entertainment...DMB shows are truly awe inspiring, the music is brilliant, the vocals are amazing...the pure 'feel good, be happy' tone throughout makes for a good time...and having it all in the Amphitheater, with NO rain this year, was a plus...Dave made a remark how humid it was, and it was...we ask him to come back and play in the winters here in Florida.

The playlist -which changes in each venue!
Wednesday Aug 12 2009 Ford Amphitheatre
Funny The Way It Is *Squirm *Seven *The Maker *Satellite *One Sweet World *Lie In Our Graves *You Might Die Trying *Lying In the Hands of God *Shake Me Like a Monkey *Spaceman *Shotgun *Crush *Why I Am *You and Me *Jimi Thing *Stay (Wasting Time) *__________________Baby Blue +All Along The Watchtower/Stairway to Heaven *

Monday, August 10, 2009

Gulfport Art/Music Walk - Tampa Bike Pub Crawl

Great weekend past.. about a dozen of us went to Gulfport, about 25 min drive from Tampa, to this very funky, artsy, town on Boca Ciega Bay, just east of the Gulf Beaches, and just west of downtown St. Pete. Each first Friday, they have an Art/Music walk along famous Beach Blvd. Many local artisans and musicians along the quaint small Blvd, lined with lots of cafes, shops, and such. Diner was a Backfin Blue, a cool little turn of the century house, we ate outside on the 'back deck', almost felt like you were invited to someones is EXCELLENT comes chilled in a Sand Bucket with Shovel...different, laid back. Seafood is what makes this places famous, especially the crab cakes. Meals, which were all very good, included Trios of Crab Cake, Bacon Wrapped Shrimps and Salmon; Salmon Florentine with Huge Sea Scallops, Fresh Grouper Oscar with lump crab meat, and for the non seafood lovers there was a Gorgonzola stuffed Meatloaf..just like homemade...fixings included a delicious Artichoke and Tomato Salad, Fish Spread, mixed veges and pasta. After being pleasantly full...we strolled along the main blvd, looking at all the arts and listing to some cool tunes.
After we headed to the Grand Central area of St. Pete to a new Bar/Restaurant called Queenshead on Central Ave. Very modern, chic, yet comfortable. Outdoor seating here as well. The night ended close to home at the Green Iguana Westshore.

Sunday we go on our bikes, and did a tour of the city of Tampa..with pub stops. Wine Exchange started the day at Hyde Park Village, and from there it was on to Four Green Fields on PLatt, to the Riverwalk at USF Park, where we followed it to the new Sail Pavillion in front on the convention center along the water...we continued on the Riverwalk by bike to the Columbia Cafe also on the ater at the Tampa History Center..awesome Mojitos made at your table outside. Hopping back on the bikes up Franklin Street downtown to Hattricks where we caught some fo the Rays baseball game, then to The Hubb, Club Chelsea was enxt, where there was a free BBQ..chicken, ribs, hotdogs, and burgers...perfect! Back down Tampa Street through the University of Tampa, and to the Retreat. Next stop was Tiny Tap in Hyde Park, then City Side, Pete's Place on Henderson Ave, where we watched some Sunday night Football, played some pool, and lastly the I Dont Care Bar on Manhattan Ave.


This week is looking busy, all you can east Sushi night Tuesday at the Venue, Dave Matthews Concert at the Amphitheater Wednesday, and taking off for Geneva NY, for the annual Upstate NY Finger Lakes Wine Tours for the weekend!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Hamburger Marys Tampa Opening Soon!

Ive know for a while that there was a Hamburger Mary's restaurant and bar due to open in Tampa, but now its official. A friend of mine, with his business partners, will be opening this very fun establishment in Ybor City, on the 2nd floor of the Centro Ybor Complex off 7th Avenue.

There are several of these throughout the country, Ive visited the West Hollywood, Denver, Orlando and Chicago, and now looking forward to having fun at the Tampa one this fall.

Onto other things, I cant believe its been almost a month since ive posted. Life has been busy, but a very very good busy. Lately emails have stressed that you all have missed my posts, so I promise to be back in action at least weekly. I want to try to be sure I cover the unique places, things, and people I come across in Tampa, and not repeat places ive been already.

Ever been to Dade City? Amazing that only 45 minutes north of Tampa is a quaint little town with a Historic main street, but even better, are it all takes places in Rolling Hills..yes, big rolling hills. My buddy has a 5 acre ranch with horses on top of one of these hills, and the views are amazing, you'd never think you were in Florida.

My annual Chicago trip was a blast this year, staying downtown this year instead of friends was a treat. I had about a dozen or so good friends from Tampa join me this year, and I think my annual trip will now include staying downtown, as opposed to the neighborhoods..there is so much to see and do in this beautiful the summers!!