Monday, March 5, 2007

2007 Gasparilla is over...

After a month and half of festivities(Children's Parade, Battle and Fireworks; the Invasion, Festival and Parade; the Night Parade; Distance Classic, Film Festival and Arts Festival) was a great Gasparilla this year, and I was glad to have attended each part, except the Distance Classic. Saturday evening, my brother and sis in law came down from the burbs(Wesley Chapel), to have some dinner at Intl Plaza's Bar Louie. Great Food and Music, very lively crowd, and over 2 dozen beers on tap! The fish tacos and mac n cheese were great, but the Quesadilla's left much to be desired. After dinner we headed to Dubliner in SOHO for a few, until finally heading home.
Sunday, the family and I all got together for the 37th annual Gasparilla Arts Festival downtown. It was a beautiful day, blue blue skies, about 70 degrees. Im glad that brought this back to Ashley Street and Curtis Hixon Park. Its nice laying on the lawn listening to some tunes and doing some people watchin'.

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