Saturday, March 24, 2007

A South Tampa Friday Night

Lisa got to my house around 830, and we headed to Hyde Park/SOHO district for dinner and entertainment. Parking was easy tonight off Howard Ave, it seems 717 Parking has taken over many of the lots, and now charge $5 to park all night. Quite a bargain, and they watch your car all night. We went to Sangria's for dinner after meeting Kelly SOHO Sushi, Lisa hates Sushi(I love the stuff). Sangria's was busy as usual, but we were seated promptly. Ordered up Champagne Sangria for Lisa, and me with my water(still not drinking). For eats it was Meatballs, Lemon Chicken, Park tenderloin, Steak w/blue cheese, Mozzarella w/tomatoes, and Salad. All tapas plates mind you, so they were small portions. The Chicken and Pork were the best dishes, Meatballs were very tiny, bland and fell apart, Salad was just those weird greens with one tomato slice, and the Mozzarella dish only had three cheese slices. For a $60.00 bill with only to alcoholic drinks, I would expect more food, plus it all came out at the same time(not good).
Kelly came over to meet us(SOHO Sushi and Sangrias are connected), and we headed to the "Red House Lounge"(the old Po' Boys), walked in and they were blasting Heavy Metal music, and it just looked like they painted the walls black, and put black table cloths on the tables and kept the booths, not what I had thought it was going to be, so we quickly left and headed to 717 South for cocktails. It was busy, and they had some nice loungy music. We then headed for Whiskey Park across the street, again a good crowd, Hip Hop started the evening, but then it was more dance tunes as the night progressed. From there we went to Hyde Park Cafe, no problem getting in this time, as I had a girl with me, so we were let right in(I found out later that Friday nights are "Private Club" nights for reserved tables, guest lists, and if you have a HPC Card, with a girl, or you can wait in line. Still love this place, as Freddy Fernandez and Tony Faline spin some of the best tunes. The outdoor tropical courtyard, and side VIP Hop Hop section are nice as well, but the dance club area has the finest sounds and lights in the area.
At closing we headed to "The Deck" a few blocks away on Platt St. for Pizza(NY Style). It was a fun Friday in South Tampa.

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