Saturday, March 10, 2007

Non-Alcoholic Friday Night in Tampa

A beautiful day this Friday, led to a beautiful Friday evening. Still on the heart monitor thinggy, I decided not to have any alcohol this weekend again. I'm getting a little used to this, it actually ain't so bad not drinking, and i'm thinking of all the crap I can do around the house, travel, etc. with the $$$ being saved. Anyways, Lisa came over and we started Happy Hour at Rattlefish down here in South Tampa. Nice crowd, sun was starting to set, they had a few guitarists on the outside deck, it was nice cause we were immediately sated while waiting on a few other friends. Me with my water and Lisa with her wine, things were fine. We got the Chicken Tenders and Crab Dip. The food is ok at best, but very pricey. $12 crab dip and $9 for three fancy chicken strips. Its the view and atmosphere I guess you pay for. We ran into quite a few people from the area we havn't seen in a while, Crazy Dave brought his boat over from across the way, drunk and crazy as usual, Bob and Stephanie, who lost lie 50 lbs each and now look like skeletons which was a little creepy, but they looked good, I guess. I wanted to feed them some burgers. Ran into my neighbor Kevin, who informed me that there was some place called BJ's in St. Pete offering free food this week as it was opening week. Finally, Leigh and Ashley showed up and we stayed till about 8:30, it was getting pretty busy by this time. The weather couldn't be any better.
Lisa and I then headed to Green Iguana Westshore, again, me with my water, and Lisa with her wine. We talked to John, the manager, for a while, he's a great guy. A guitarist was placing outside under the Tiki bar, it wasn't too busy inside. They just opened a new ladies restroom, which Lisa couldn't stop raving about.
Afterwards we then headed for Hyde Park/SOHO to meet with other friends. We met Kelly, Chaistain and George and Lime, very busy around 9:30. We munched on some quesidillas at the bar, while Lisa was busy chattin away with some Golfer dude. I decide to order a Bottled Water, only to find out afterwards it was $6 bucks for a water..WOW! I stick with Tampa Tap I guess.
Mangrove's was next on the agenda with all of us, for we needed to meet another Kelly there. I'm not to fond of this place, people are a lil different, but it made for excellent people watchin. The tunes were crankin upstairs, great DJ spinning. By this time I was getting a little water logged.
Lisa's new Golfer friend showed up, and it was about midnight, and I saw no reason to continue to stay out, the friends were getting tipsy.(Interesting to go out and watch other, but they seemed to get a little annoyed that I was having fun regardless of alcohol). I headed back home.
ONe word about the evening, Valet Parked at each spot, always free, and just give them a tip when picking up the car, makes life so much easier.

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