Friday, March 2, 2007

No Seasons in Tampa?

Who ever said there were no seasons in Tampa? I raked up over 15 bags of leaves yesterday. as I have one of those Oaks in the backyard that sheds its leaves this time of year every year. Now I'll have to wait for all the "stringy" things to finish dropping and the new leaves to sprout. Along with that, I'll have green dust to sweep up daily for the next month outside. Travelling on the Interstate you so see the leaves change colors and leaves actually fall from the trees, it just doesn't last as long, and happens at a different time of year...
I went to my Primary doc Wednesday, love when you make an appt, and they actually see you at that time. Seems I need to wear a Heart Event Monitor for the next 30 days to see about this Afib episode, still getting lightheaded spells, but not as often - seems I may need something to regulate my adrenaline response in my body, as it is making me go into hypo-tension at certain times.
Its a big weekend in the Bay area, with the Seafood Festival in Safety Harbour, Arts Festival downtown, the Yankees playing....just hope the weather holds out.

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