Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Saturday in Tampa: Downtown to Ybor City to Davis Islands

Got out of the house pretty early Saturday morning with a buddy of mine and went for some breakfast at First Watch in downtown Tampa. I still had some Manager Gift Cards sent to me from a not so good experience late last year(its in the blog)...First Watch tends to be a very consistent for breakfast, fast and fresh, interesting omelets and brunch menu items in a nice diner like atmosphere...this trip was one of my best, immediately seated, nice large pitcher of ice water with lemon brought to the table and fresh squeezed OJ. We dined on the Bacon, Avocado and Cheese omelet, very fluffy and light, served with diced potatoes and English Muffin, and a Chicken Breakfast Burrito with potatoes and fruit...service, food and all was at its best this morning, it is also nice to run into good friends here that you normally don't see to kind of catch up....after breakfast we walked over to Indigo Coffee for an Iced and Hot Green Tea, and wanted to check out the Police Museum, but it is was closed on the weekends, disappointing to have a museum closed on we walked over to the Riverwalk and Curtis Hixon Park where they are re-doing the entire riverfront park, its kind of a big mess right now, the whole area is torn apart from Kiley Gardens to the area where they are building the New Tampa Museum of Art...the renderings look nice, it should be a great asset to the area.....
we then headed over to see some friends that were having a Yard Sale on Davis Islands...i've always like the Islands, its so close to downtown, but you feel like you are in another small town with a main street and great historic architecture in the apts and homes, with the Tampa downtown skyscrapers peering out over the islands.

The afternoon brought us to Ybor City and Muvico theaters to see "Wall-E"...cute movie, kind of wish I had my niece and nephews with me, the Pixar effects were amazing, had a cute story line as well....after the movie we walked around 7th Ave in Ybor, went into a few of the funky shops, and then wanted to play some pool maybe throw some darts so we went to check out Lounge 714, but the pool room was in the dark, so after there we walked down to Double Decker, too many people in there for happy hour playing pool and darts, they did have a really nice outdoor courtyard in the back that opened we ended up at the Boneyard, very funky place, a few pool tables, couches were made from old bath tubs cut in half, and some of the seating included some interesting commodes, definitely worth a visit, interesting crowd as well, all watching wheel of fortune during happy hour....wanting some munchies, we were told about a great hidden gem of a restaurant, kind of underground like, attached to a Wine Store on 22nd Avenue, West Plam Wines and Beaune's Wine Bar...interesting very small menu, you can choose a bottle of wine from the very extensive wine store and bring into the wine bar to have with dinner...we munched on a great cheese and meat tray, you choose from over a dozen different types of cheeses and several meat selections...we got two different cheeses, and a sliced salami meat, that comes with fresh sliced bread, grapes and fruit, nuts, pickles and olives....nice socializing over a few glasses of wine and a light meal. The server was very knowledgeable and friendly, I believe dinner is served only on Thursday thru Saturday evenings, and the menu changes constantly.

It was late in the evening, and some Friends of ours that were having the Yard Sale were at Yeoman's Road Pub on Davis Islands, so we went there after dinner and had some great drafts with a very entertaining band...hangin out in the alley, listening to the tunes, with some great conversation amongst our friends and other friendly patrons in the crowded, English pub like bar in the main Blvd on Davis Islands where there are a dozen or so other restaurants, bars and shops....later we went to a friends apartment a few blocks away to end the night listening to tunes till the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday Brunch was at my friends place in Port Tampa City neighborhood here in South Tampa...and Sunday proved to be a fine day for relaxing and hangin with the dogs...

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