Friday, July 18, 2008

Dinner on Harbour Island; and Flugtag

Went over to Cafe Dufrain for a last dinner before leaving town for the weekend. Seated outside is always nice overlooking downtown along the waterfront of this very nice casual downtown Harbour Island restaurant. Always have had prompt, friendly service. We dined on Hummus to start, two scoops of thick pureed Chick peas with lots of garlic and Oyster mushrooms, served with warm pita triangles. There house salad is excellent, a plate of mixed greens with tomatoes, craisens and candied walnuts, the thick vinaigrette is delicious. For entrees we tried the Kobe sliders, three tiny mini burgers, with a side of fries - good tasting, but a bit pricey for the Kobe, and also a Bouillabaisse of Lobster, Shrimp, Scallops and Mussels-again very delicious, but I expected more seafood for the price, it is a small, light dish with no sides, just seafood and a rich, tomatoey sauce.
On the way back over Harbour Island bridge to downtown, we noticed the HUGE Flugtag ramp, where they will be having a big party downtown Saturday at the Convention Center area along the water, stages have been set up and thee were 2 story high monitors along Bayshore Blvd, I believe any vantage point from Davis Island, Harbour Island, or the downtown Convention Center riverfront park areas will be a great time to see this once in a lifetime spectacle, as they only do this in three cities a year, and Tampa just happened to be picked this year along with Chicago and Portland, OR.

I take off for Boston this morning, to play over the weekend, and work next week.

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Anonymous said...

In your post you allude to what's really wrong with Harbor Island. Both are references to the restaurant food being over-priced, but they could be extended to include the entire Island. Harbor Island, for those who don't know, is a housing development built and marketed by the Beneficial Finance Corporation. The variety of housing is actually quite monotonous, as are most housing developments. The few commercial establishments there are way over-priced, just like the housing offered along "Beneficial" Boulevard.

Unfortunately, for the residents of, and visitors to, Harbor Island, it totally lacks what it's neighbor across Seddon Channel, Davis Island, has in great abundance- and that's character.

The neighborhoods on Davis Island are delightfully walkable and charmingly historic. Davis Island is a remarkable blend of inner-city flavor and small-town homey warmth. It's a blend that Harbor Island coldly lacks. Also, the many and varied eateries in Davis Island's "downtown" business district serve up good food in bountiful (and affordable) portions, and in an atmosphere offering a genuine neighborly feel.

30 years on Davis Island