Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hook's - St. Pete's BEST Sushi; and a Concert at State Theater

A St. Pete friend and I went over to Hook's for some of the BEST sushi this side of the Bay. On 9th Street and 11th Avenue, its a small place, very casual, about 10 tables and booths, and a dozen chairs at the Sushi Bar. Extremely friendly service by both the Sushi master(not sure what they call them), and the server. Rolls are always very fresh and large portions, there are probably 3 dozen or so types of rolls, they will make them how over you like. SOme Edamame to start, Ginger Salads, and then we dived into the pretty display of Spider Roll, Mexican, and St. Pete Roll. YUMMM!
Afterwards we headed downtown St. Pete to the State Theater, and old small theater that now has no seats, and shows independent and small national live music acts on stage. It holds a few hundred people..the FLOBOTS were playing this evening, a great new national Raggae-Ska type outfit(think Sublime meats Cake as my friend put it), very entertaining troupe, of course everyone was familiar with the song "Handlebars" but they had lots of other great tunes of course.

Work takes me to Baltimore, MD for the rest of the week...

Looking forward to First Friday downtown St. Pete Friday, and 13th annual WaZoo on Saturday at Lowry Park Zoo, one of the 10 best Beer Festivals in the country.

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