Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Channelside - A Great Movie; Margarita Mama's - Horrible

This past Sunday afternoon, cloudy and rainy, a few of us went downtown Tampa to Channelside to see the IMAX experience of "The Dark Knight" the new Batman movie. To our surprise, Channelside was packed this Sunday afternoon, and ALL shows at the IMAX experience were sold out. Lucky for us, there were a few good movies that none of us have seen, so it was off to Will Ferrel's new movie "Step Brother" for some off the wall, laugh out loud comedy--a Good Flick!
Afterwards we got out of the movie and were a little hungry, it was nice, yet awkward stepping out into the Courtyard of Channelside, and instead of seeing water from the Channel, there was a 10 story Cruise Ship docked..looked like a high rise hotel above the entertainment complex. We walked over to Margarita Mama's to sit outside, listen to some live music and enjoy some eats. Enjoy anything was the last thing we did, from the very beginning, we did see the sign outside that said"Great Food, Lousy Service" but didnt know it was for real. Our server, Megan, was just as rough as they come, apologized for taking her time getting to our table(about 10 minutes--then we had to wave her down), but she said she had to split a bill 40 ways for a bunch of teenagers...I then asked whats good on the menu, with a shrug of her shoulders, she just rolled her eyes and said Tacos...that's it...so my buddy ordered the Buffalo Chicken Burrito, and I decided to have a Cheeseburger, she never asked what type of cheese, so I had to ask her..Megan just said all the cheese looks and tastes the same anyway....on boy, major attitude here..we joked around a little to try to keep our sanity, we just couldn't believe what we were going through with her...then 5 minutes later she comes back and forgets what we wanted....it gets worse...the burger comes out with the wrong kind of cheese..I let her know, she didn't care, my other buddy brought the burger back in to tell the cooks...Heath the manager came out asked what type of cheese....but again the burger came out with the wrong kind of cheese, they didn't have the cheese I asked for....Megan grabbed our stale Nachos and jarred Salsa before we were done, then tried to take the check from us, before it was even filled out or we were ready to go.....it's no wonder not many people were here in this Sunday afternoon....Heath did apologize and offered a Gift Cert for a return...sometimes you can only take so much...and the food wasn't that good to begin with..this was my third time here...it might be good for a cocktail sitting at the bar, and listening to some live tunes, but that's about it.

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