Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tampa Flatwoods Bike Trails-Happy Father's Day!

Sunday was spent with the family, I took my brother, a new father 5 months ago, to Flatwoods Wilderness Parks to do some off-road biking. We decided to complete the entire Main Trail(20 miles), starting at Morris Bridge Park, looping throughout Flatwoods-Wilderness Park system in North Tampa areas. One of the best rated off-road biking in the Tampa Bay area(Alafaya is #1), there are many terrains we travelled over, about 95% is shaded, and every now and then it crosses the Wilderness Paved trail with water stops and maps. The trails are very well plotted through Florida scrubs, pine barrens, and marshy areas, along the Hillsborough River and large lake areas. There are deer, wild boars, snakes, lizards, all kinds of wildlife, the best of Florida wildlife, and can be hiked also. Afterwards it was dinner with the family with all the kids(my Pointer and Min-Pin, my nephew, my Moms Chiuaua, and the two border collies).

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