Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back Home in Tampa....Knocked Up!

Getting back home from a week in Boston, what a great trip, it's nice to escape to the Northeast during the summer, and Im a huge history buff, so hangin in Beantown was a great escape!
Went to the Stadium Chili's the other night with a buddy, always loved there Nachos appetizer, each nacho has cheese, beans, and a jalapeno, to be dipped in sour cream and salsa. Chili's still seems to be one of my fav chain restaurants. Afterwards we went to La Casa Dolce for Gelato and people watchin along Howard Ave in South Tampa. It seems no matter what evening you go to sit outside along Howard Ave, there are always things to see along the Avenue in Hyde Park/SOHO sections of Tampa.
Last night, did dinner at Panera Bread - this spot seems to be a great area to meet blind dates, as its next to Starbucks, and just seemed like couples were meeting for the first time....then I got back into my weekly movie thinggy, and saw "Knocked Up". Laughs and many of them out loud laughs...lots of great one-liners, great cast, and overall one of the better comedies to come along in a while..i'll see it again for sure. Wednesday nights at AMC are always free popcorn nights with your Movie Watcher card.

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