Friday, June 1, 2007

The Middle East in Tampa! Byblos!

Took Donna to Byblos Cafe on MacDill Ave near Bay to Bay in South Tampa this evening for her going away party. They did an amazing job re-doing the restaurant(it's been over a year since Ive been there), much bigger bar area, and great seating areas. Byblos is amazing with a Lebanese atmosphere, most wait staff are all Middle Eastern, very authentic. Then you have the Middle Eastern music, and Belly Dancers a few times during each night to entertain. And that is just the atmosphere, the food is INCREDIBLE. Our table ordered Lamb Chops, Kabobs, lots of Appetizers, and Lebanese wine(the Cabernet was very good). Service is top notch! We ended the evening with Hookah on the patio outside, where many people gathered to enjoy Hookah themselves, and it turned out to be a huge , friendly social gathering. This is one place not to miss, great times, and GREAT eats, with an authentic atmosphere.
Tropical Storm Barry is rolling in this evening, being much needed rain...finally! What a great way to start the Hurricane and Tropical Season!
Im headin out to Chicago tomorrow, to play then to work, be back on Wednesday.

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