Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Great Channelside Addition - Zelda's Cafe and Deli

Finally went to see Transformers in IMAX at Channelside yesterday, what a great blockbuster of a movie, and to see it in IMAX was even more adrenaline rushing. Its out on DVD next week, so figured I should get to see in all its glory from an IMAX experience before it goes to DVD. Afterwards we went for a light dinner in the Channelside area, and wanted something different than what is offered in the Entertainment Complex, so we ventured a few blocks to Zelda's Cafe and Deli on the corner of Kennedy Blvd and Channelside Drive(behind the BP). AT 7:30pm there was no one there, a very nice, clean cafe, dimly lit with windows in front and back. A very friendly woman welcomed us and invited us to take a seat anywhere. They had just opened about three weeks ago, and mostly do a breakfast and lunch time crowd. They had three dinner specials, and the regular menu that had breakfast and lunch items(we were informed you could get breakfast all day). The dinner specials were Baked Chicken, Kielbasa, or Pork Ribs, each served with Vege of the day, a starch(fried rice, potatoes) and a dinner salad - all for $6.95. We decided to try one of the sandwhich's, the Italian Hoagie, and the Kielbasa dinner. A large portion of Kielbasa, grilled perfectly, moist and juicy w/ cooked onions, with a large side of green beans and I chose the Fried Rice which was ok. The dinner salad was a small plate of crisp cold iceberg lettuce, tomato slices and olives and onion. Very good meal, with a home cooked appeal. The Italian Hoagie was on an 8" Hoagie roll that was cold(like it was refrigerated), it would have been better on a fresh soft hoagie roll, but there was plenty of meats and toppings, and it came with a very generous portion of potato salad. The owner came over to talk with us, and advised us that they just finished the outdoor patio that overlooks onto Channelside condo complexes Ventana and Grand Central, along with the emerging studios and lofts that are taking over this area. He plans on having beer and wine license soon, with outdoor seating and live music some nights. Just another positive outlook for the Channelside neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

I've eaten there and i must say it's the most delicous food i've eat recently.

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!! You have to try it out, especially the pork ribs, they're to die for! Breakfast is awesome, too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, great food - although the service is a bit slow, it's worth the wait. And I think they are having live music now every Fri night - the duo there was awesome - great tunes.