Thursday, October 4, 2007

Just another Kudos to TIA and special Thanks to JetBlue!

Just have to mention again how much I love coming home to Tampa and Tampa International Airport. I travel a few times a month, last night my flight from JFK to TPA was delayed leaving JFK(of course) due to fog, so there we were on the Tarmac for over 90 minutes, well JetBlue kept us informed every 20 minutes, there were 36 channels of TV, cookies and bottled water kept us refreshed, the time passed by quickly, no one was angered and understood it was not JetBlue's fault...but landing at TIA, and then the quick walk through the terminal to Long Term Parking, I was off the plane and in my car within 10 minutes...ahhh, convenience, clean, organized, THANKS TIA and JetBlue!

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