Monday, October 29, 2007

Endoscopy completed!

Ive been having problems over the last several years with swallowing discomfort when eating, my throat would actually close, and I would not even be able to drink anything, sometimes it would last 10 minutes, sometimes a few hours..I never knew what it was, thought maybe I was eating too fast, or not chewing enough, but finally had the doc(actually a GI-gastrointerologist) tells me its acid reflux, I had silent heartburn,(casue I never feel heartburn pain) and over the years was causing my espohogus to sometimes close. It was so haphazard....soooo anyway, had the Endoscopy done today at the Tampa Bay Endoscopy Center, what a great experience, just need to get there very early, the place was jumping by 8am....the nurses, staff, doctors, all very friendly, explained everything two or three times, nice HOT blankets to keep ya warm while waiting, but I was in and out of there within 90 minutes, the procedure only takes like 5 minutes, they put you to sleep, and wake you back up when its over...That's it! Well, hope its nothing serious, the doc also dilated my throat, doesn't feel bigger, can't wait to eat!

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