Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wedding Shower and a Real Fight!

I was invited to a wedding shower up in Lakeland Saturday, it was interesting to drive about 35 minutes out of Tampa and be immersed in what I felt was like a very rural, Southern Georgia gathering, with very Christian southern folks, celebrating their engagement amongst family and friends of their Church. They were all so kind, with alot of Southern Hospitality.
Afterwards, we went to the RFC(Real Fighting Championships) at the USF SunDome. Thanks to, we were able to get Complimentary tickets. There were about 10 fights, the Main Event went all 5 rounds, just a couple of guys beating the crap out of each other, punching, kicking, wrestling in a caged round. Nice!
Its' been a while since I was up in the USF area of Tampa, and we were hungry after the fights and found Gator's Dockside on Fowler Ave just East of 56th Street. What a great find, open sports bar/restaurant with outdoor seating, and lots of big screen tv's. The menu was huge, we started with Gator Tail, and ordered Gyros, a Mulfaletta Sandwich and Wrap which were each very good. A great find for sure.

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