Monday, September 17, 2007

South Tampa Sandwichs - Pane Rusitca!

Had some YUMMY sandwich's at Pane Rustica in South Tampa on MacDill Ave, just north of El Prado Blvd. Boy what a treat, such a great place as far as atmosphere, cool tunes playing, a lively well appointed dining area, you get on line and pick from numerous sandwich's and salads, fresh baked breads, and take a seat number and grab a seat. They bring out Mile High sandwiches, the Roast Beef and Turkey sandwiches we ordered were colossal, and very fresh, and come with a few herb roasted potatoes and a marinated olive(wish we could get more olives with the sandwich). For the same price as going to Panera, you are getting non-corporate Mom and Pop type attitude, service, and freshness within a great atmosphere. The pizza's are good, but kind of pricey for such thin crust slices. They also do a sit down style dinner, and the food is just as good as lunch.
Work takes me to NYC this week, then some play time in Manhatten for the weekend, be back Sunday!

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