Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tampa Concert - 311 and Matisyahu at Amphitheater

John, Debi and I packed a cooler and did some subway sandwiches on the way to the Ford Amphitheater last night to see 311 and Matisyahu. 311 reminds me of my 20's, livin in Tampa just after college at USF..a great band with raggae, ska, rock type influences, a little Sublime influences as well. Matisyahu is great Raggae performed by a Hasidic Jew. He was introduced to me by my friends Debi and Jason last year, and we couldn't wait to see him come back to Tampa after his State Theater performance in St. Petersburg last year.
Matisyahu pulled a great 45 min performance, we had great seats in the 2nd section, but his type of music I would enjoy more in a smaller venue. 311 came on and put on a great 2 hour show(I guess bands have to end by 11pm due to noise restrictions for the Amphitheater)..a powerful show, my age was coming through when they kept announcing "this is for the old school 311 listeners". It was clear skies, and there was a beautiful crescent shaped red moon out tonight.
About the Amphitheater, it was easy parking, we arrived about an hour before showtime. You must be prepared for $8.00 big beers, and $12.00 double mixed drinks. They don't do any frisking at the door, only ask you to empty your pockets. We also exited with ease from the parking area, thank goodness there was no rain over the Fairgrounds this evening, otherwise the grassy lots would have been a bit muddy.

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