Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Pre 4th of July in Tampa

Went over to Bayshore to pick up a buddy, and head out for some Sushi and entertainment, tomorrow is a Holiday! Sakana Sushi on Gandy still impresses me, with its Fresh sushi and Great dinner Menu. WE started with some Ginger Salads, Edmame(dressed in a light olive oil/spice mixture served warm), the the Spicey Tuna Bowl, big chunks of very red tuna, mango, and avocado, and the Triple Takati tempura roll. We then headed to Hyde Park/SOHO area, which was VERY busy...Howard Ave. was hopping as we drove up the street from Bayshore. The Dubliner was calling us for great imported Pints, cool tunes from the juke box, and a very friendly, lively good lookin casual crowd.
With all the many celebrations tonight for the 4th, IM going to spend time with the family at my Moms new House in Valencia Lakes. She has a huge field in the back of her house, and me and my bro will be lighting up over $150 bucks worth of piro-technics...gotta love those roadside fireworks tents this time of year.

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