Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Night at Tampa Theater...

So The Police were at the Forum tonight, and I opted to go see an Independent Foreign Film at Tampa Theater, besides $200 is a bit too steep for the old rockers. We picked up some dinner to go and sat outside the Tampa Theater on Franklin Street in the TECO Plaza area. It felt cooler than usual evening sitting in the shade of the trees and TECO building, admiring a piece of Tampa history. It seems it doesn't matter what show you go to at Tampa Theater, it is just a great establishment, with over 80 years of stories insides its walls.
"La Vie en Rose" is a true story about Edith Piaf, one of France's most beloved singers and a national Icon. At first I was like who is this person, and subtitles, im not sure about this one, but thankfully it turned out to be an awesome movie, great story line, amazing acting. Its great to watch a movie you know nothing about, and then want to come home and learn more about the person. I was truly moved by this one, and subtitles were no bother at all.

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