Sunday, April 8, 2007

Ybor and the Easter Bunny

Weather got much cooler this weekend, temps barely reached 70, and in the upper 40's to near 50 in the evenin...brrrr, last minute cold front. Saturday, I finally decided to spend some gift cards from Christmas, so Bry and I headed to Hyde Park Village, and Restoration Hardware and Pottery some crap for the home. They're doing some major renovations where Cactus Club used to be, looks like Wine Exchange is moving there, and some coffee/dessert place. We then headed to Ybor City, to go see the Quentin tarnatino flick "Grindhouse". I love the Premiere Theaters there, cost a little more but well worth it. The movie was classic Tarantino, it's a double feature nearly 3 hours long but well worth it. After the flick we wanted some Sushi, so Samurai Blue was callin us, but it was PACKED...9pm, and a 50 minute wait, I decided to try another Sushi joint in Ybor on 7th Ave called Sushiyaki..what a great find! They were playing 70's disco music, and had a disco light spinning, very interesting atmosphere, and on top, there was a live band playing 70's/80's tunes. The menu was great, many rolls to choose from, but also Japanese favorites. Not nearly as good as Yoko's, but a close match for Samurai's rolls, without the wait or attitude I can sometimes get from Samurai Blue.
Spent Easter with the fam at the Aunt and Uncle's house in Brandon. Lots of laughs, and delicious Lamb!!

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