Sunday, April 22, 2007

Channelside Saturday Night

Bryan came over and we decided on a movie at Channelside, "Disturbia" . We saw the 630pm show, so there was plenty of parking at the garage but it was quickly filling up. (Parking is only .50 cent if you have it validated by the theater). The theater was not crowded, unfortunately the staff behind the counter was all under 18, and could not serve any alcohol, so we had to wait until someone finally came back to serve(I think one of the managers). It took awhile, so we decide not to get any chilly ones for the flick. The movie was good, a few surprises, creepy, and decent storyline.
After the movie, we went for dinner to Thai Thani, one of the dozen or so restaurants in Channelside. The service was VERY quick, Thai Spring rolls to start out that were cut like sushi, the meals were decent at best, and came out very quickly. I just didn't think there was enough Chicken in the Ginger Chicken, or Chicken w/Baby Corn and Mushrooms.
They just opened another new Country/Western bar, McGraw's. Not sure I understand as there is another"SlingSHots" right next door, which actually looks much better than McGraw's. All the windows in McGraw's are open to Channelside, which gives a nice view of the courtyard, and almost like being outside.
My work takes me to Chicago and Atlanta this back Friday!

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