Saturday, April 7, 2007

Sushi and St. Pete

Went over to Debi's Friday evening, we decided to head for Hook's on 9th Street and 11th Ave North. Hook's was excellent, not a fancy place like across the street at Sushi Rock Grille, but casual, and an abundance of yummy rolls, and very fresh sushi. This one tops my list for Sushi in St. Pete. ON our way there, we took a ride down 9th Street(MLK Blvd), and my first time driving through a neighborhood called 'Allendale'. Reminded me of LA(Sunset Blvd near Beverly Hills), as to the many tree lined streets, and HUGE homes.
After dinner we got a few duraflame logs at Walgreen's(it was chilly last night), and had a fire in her backyard in Riviera Bay.

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