Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Wednesday Evening in Tampa-New Years Week

Seems like there are lots of people in town for the holiday, Outback Bowl, whatever, Tampa is packed. Went out for dinner to Lime on Howard Ave in SOHO..packed and a 45 minute wait..oh yea, bowl games are on as well...then off to Po' Boys up the street, packed, but there was a table available when we arrived...then it was off to Dubliner to meet my buddy Sam and his freinds(hes on leave from the military), afterwards it was a beer at MacDintons, then a few more at Whiskey Park. It felt like so many people were out and about tonight. A good buddy of mine from Chicago picked me up in SOHO to venture out to City Side, and then Male Room to cap off the night...then it was a 5:45am flight to LAX to see another buddy of mine, Larry in Hollywood, for New Years...see ya next year!

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