Saturday, December 23, 2006

ALmost Christmas

Well, picked up my oldest pro at TIA last night(Friday), he came in from NY at about 1140pm, the airport was JAMMIN!! Ha to hang out in the Valet area of the Marriott Hotel connected to the terminal, and had my bro meet me there(great idea if the baggage claim areas are jammed)...
Saturday spent the day showing him the town, went to my Moms new home near Sun City, new Construction, will be ready around February. The to my youngest bros house in Wesley Chapel(they area is so poorly planned, traffic and strip malls everywhere, UGG). The we all headed back to Tampa's Davis Island to watch the annual Chrsitmas Boat Parade along the CHannels downtown. Was a great tiem, about 50 boats participated this year. Dinner at 220East on the Island was amazing, the some Gelato and Coffees in SOHO at La Casa Dolce. Its nice to be able to sit outside in 60 degree weather at the end of December.

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