Thursday, December 14, 2006

"Tampa I Am" blog creation...

This Blog was Created on Thursday, December 14th, 2006. I work from home, and sometimes have some spare time to reflect on the city I live in and love, TAMPA!
Tampa's slogan, created by Mayor Pam Iorio, is "I Am TAMPA!", so I decided to name my Blog, "Tampa I Am".
The purpose of this Blog is to reflect on my days living in Tampa, places I've been, things I have done, people I have met in the Tampa Bay Area.
I moved to Tampa August 7, 1987 from Long Island, NY to attend the University of South Florida. Graduated in 1992 with my BS in Business Management and Marketing, I worked with Marriott Intl in a variety of positions, finally becoming a General Manager for one of their Limited Service Extended Stay brands in Tampa. After 2 years as a GM, it was time for a career change. I decided to go into a Sales Career in Financial Services with a Financial Services firm in 2001, and worked my way through Management and am currently an Agency Liaison, consulting, training and supporting sales agencies and their management throughout the country to be successful.
I have lived in Tampa since 1987, with a two year hiatus in Fort Lauderdale from 1996-1998, and currently reside in South Tampa neighborhood called Bayside West which is bordered by Eulcid Ave to the North, Gandy Blvd to the South, Manhatten Ave to the East, and Tampa Bay on the West.
Those that read this blog will be amused, enlightened, educated, or hopefully just interested in what there is to do, see and enjoy in the Tampa Bay area. Enjoy!

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