Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dollar Movies are BACK in South Tampa!

I remember going to the AMC behind Britton Plaza for $1 movies back in the early 90's...what a treat, especially since I was just getting out of college, and renting a house with some college buddies at the time.
Well, Britton 8 theaters, which closed last September, has re-opened, and are playing first run movies(saw Bruno), along with a Bollywood type movie. Each flick is only $2..thats right $2, large screens, surround sound, 80's style seating, no frills movie theater. And also, $1 popcorn, which I was surprised how fresh tasting it was, being stored in the ice bin behind the counter, and $1 sodas. So if you dont mind not having stadium seating, an empty theater, and only small popcorn and small drinks...and also are a little tight on $$$, you cant beat the re-opening of Britton 8 theaters, in the Britton Plaza on South Dale Mabry in South Tampa.

The owner tells me that these prices should last through November.


Alex said...

Thanks for reporting on this! Britton 8 was the only theater that still carried BRUNO last week and since my sister was in town, and wanted to see it, we found it. This place is great: cheap, empty and without explanation. Everything I love about Tampa Bay.

Anonymous said...

I remember going there back in the late 70's and 80's when my husband and were poor and we didn't have air conditioning at the house. We would go from one movie to the other and stay cool.

Anonymous said...

I love Britton8 movie theater. Staff are friendly, theater is clean, ticket price is $2. I like their website to.