Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dave Matthews Band visits Tampa

WOW!! What a GREAT show, ive been to see Dave 15 years in a row now, and this show had to be one of their BEST. Having seats instead of Lawn tickets made for an even more enjoyable experience. Amazing Jams, especially the Encore..mixing in Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven into All along the Watchtower...just chilling entertainment...DMB shows are truly awe inspiring, the music is brilliant, the vocals are amazing...the pure 'feel good, be happy' tone throughout makes for a good time...and having it all in the Amphitheater, with NO rain this year, was a plus...Dave made a remark how humid it was, and it was...we ask him to come back and play in the winters here in Florida.

The playlist -which changes in each venue!
Wednesday Aug 12 2009 Ford Amphitheatre
Funny The Way It Is *Squirm *Seven *The Maker *Satellite *One Sweet World *Lie In Our Graves *You Might Die Trying *Lying In the Hands of God *Shake Me Like a Monkey *Spaceman *Shotgun *Crush *Why I Am *You and Me *Jimi Thing *Stay (Wasting Time) *__________________Baby Blue +All Along The Watchtower/Stairway to Heaven *

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