Monday, March 23, 2009

Downtown Tampa, Hockey and Ybor

Buddy came back to town from LA this weekend, and finally purchased a condo in Downtown Tampa at Skypoint...beautiful building with plenty of first class amenities, he'll be enjoying one of the bigger one bedroom units on the Western end, overlooking the new Curtis Hixon Park, Museum of Art, Hillsborough River and UT Minarets with incredible sunsets..I look forward to visiting lots! After the big purchase, we all ventured over to Hyde Park Village, and since the weather was perfect, had a nice table outside at Restaurant BT. Lunch here is very good, service prompt and friendly.....mostly salads and a few sandwich's, but it was the Noodle Bowls and Pho that we each tried. Grilled Pork, and Ginger Chicken were both very good, and very large helpings of the noodles and vegetables, but I felt they could have spared a little more was very tasty though. The last day of 'Chalk Walk' was happening, so afterwards we walked around the village, taking a look at some of the very creative designs themed "Tampa's Future", we also stopped by the 'Sweet Treats' shop, took in some homemade fudge and all kinds of great candy, the owner did some remodeling, and added a small lounge type area with couches....very nice.
Saturday night we were invited to the Lightning game, another friend of mine has a Suite, the game went into a shootout, and Atlanta was able to pull this one off tonight. Afterwards, we attempted to take the trolley to Ybor, but the whole Channelside are and streeetcar stops outside the Forum after the game were a quick cab ride up to Ybor, and we ventured out to spots like Spurs, Reservoir Bar - where we met lots of others, and also was busy due to the SkateBoard championships in Tampa this weekend, over to the Ybor Social, and concluding with GBar, and NY NY Pizza....


JPFDeuce said...

I'm jealous of your weekend in general.

As for Skypoint - I've heard good and bad thing sabout it. I've been following the construction and post-construction life of the building on Skyscraper City... At any rate, stories say it gets extra rowdy in there and the walls between units are paper thin.

Regardless, I'd love nothing more than to be able to afford one of those units for myself.

Tampa I Am said...

He ehard the same things as well, one fo the main reasons he took an end unit that you can actually drive up to the front door(on the 6th floor), and only shares one wall with his neighbor. There are some GREAT deals in tehre today...his unti sold for 270k in 2007, he bought it for 190k.

Denis A. Baldwin said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend. I ended up super busy dealing with all kinds of crap and didn't get a chance to do a single review.