Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Crawl, and Fiesta Day!

Nothing better than walking in the neighborhood to meet some friends for good wine after a busy work week. We all met up this time at CDB's Southside on Westshore Blvd, and grabbed a great spot on the upper outdoor balcony, overlooking Westshore Blvd...even the food here is just OK, it was nice to see such good friends, and enjoy some fine Kim Crawford fav is the 'Chef Rolls", select meats wrapped in Mozzarella and Provolone Cheese..perfect with some warm fresh bread, and a little olive oil. A few hours later, we made it down to the Green Iguana, last stop on the neighborhood crawl for this Friday night.

Saturday was another beautiful day in Paradise....after a slow start, a few of us went to Ybor to partake in the annual Fiesta Days celebrates the immigrants that came to Tampa back in the late 1800's to work in the Cigar Factories, and make a better life for themselves...Cubans, Spanish, Italians, Germans and Jews...7th avenue was closed down to traffic, so the thousands of people could sample many of the foods and listen in to the worldly entertainment along the avenue. After strolling around a bit, we stopped at New York New York Pizza, for an extra large 18" pie with Meatballs, Pepperoni and Green Peppers...its a very friendly place, lots of pictures throughout of NYC...the pizza is close to NY, but definitely not a real NY pizza...good stuff!! We then walked over to the Southern Exposure Carnival that was happening next to Club Czar...I felt like it was something out of a very scary movie....not many people around, some very weird drag shows taking place(not like Key West), and some out of the ordinary type people(kinda backwoods like rough people)......there were some rides, and it was nice to run into quite a few friends I havn't seen in a while.....we made the most out of it for the time we were there, hopping into Club Czar now and then...we also checked out StreetCar Charlies, always a good time here, very clean and comfortable place, they have now installed a toy trolley and tracks above the bar that runs throughout...nice touch....Ybor was getting busier as the night went on....checked out Spurs, and lastly ended the evening at La Creperia as some of my friends were craving a great dessert...and La Creperia didn't disappoint at all.

Finally getting a downpour of Rain(feels like its been just weeks of blue skies), so the Gasparilla Intl Film Festival looks like a good bet for the day today....

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Denis A. Baldwin said...

NYNYP is good pizza, but as you said, not "true new york". They are open late, though, and good for an after-drinking snack.