Sunday, June 15, 2008

Burgers and Foosball and a NOT so Happening Movie

Friday we went out to Square One Burgers in South Tampa, already wrote about this one, and since I liked it the first time, went back to try a different style burger(there are thousands of ways to have a burger - sauces, toppings, meats, etc.) - did the healthy Buffalo Burgers, and some unhealthy Cheesey Fries. Service very fast and friendly, the bar area and restaurant was VERY busy this Friday evening. Afterwards we went over to a favorite local dive that has been in Tampa since 1930, The Tiny Tap Tavern. A tiny old gas station in Hyde Park behind Xtreme Fitness, turned into small pub with CHEAP beers, some snacks, and always fun and interesting people. Mens bathroom is outside in the back, grab an icey pitcher out of the cooler and tell the overly friendly staff your beer choice, and there are two pool tables, a Foosball table and killer jukebox. A few rounds of Foosball and some chilly ones, and it was time to get closer to home to enjoy the rest of the night, so Green Iguana Westshore wrapped up the night with great people, and great live music.

Sunday afternoon there were some huge thunderstorms, and the clouds and sun were at a tug of war with each other, so we went to AMC Westshore theaters to see M. Night Shymalan's new movie "The Happening"..was not too happening, actually I enjoyed the first fifteen minutes but the very dry acting, and story were not up to par with some of his other movies like 'Signs' or Sixth Sense'. I wouldn't even recommend for rental.

Work takes me to Richmond VA, Charlotte and Raleigh NC this week.

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