Thursday, June 12, 2008

Birthdays and Berryism in Tampa

Monday met up with a friend at Wooden Door, a few blocks form my house, they have expanded the outdoor patio. Jen our server was extremely friendly, and made sure we had everything we needed, we enjoyed listening to some great tunes outside, with the fans going it kept things nice a breezy out on the patio this evening. Afterwards I got a call to meet up with some other friends for a 30th Bday party, at The Tapper Pub. Its been ages since I've been here, I remember years ago for Happy Hour when they would put a huge cheese wheel in the middle of the bar with crackers...less than a mile from my house in the Britton Plaza, this place has been keeping people happy since the 60's. They always had great food like sandwich's of all kinds, the menu is all on boards across the top of the bar, only the prices have changed a bit. It looks like a typical store from the outside, but walk in and there is a huge A-frame wooden ceiling, very long large wooden bar, and some pool tables and darts in the back. We played a few rounds of darts, and listened to some great tunes on the juke box.

Thursday evening, picked up a good friend of mine and had the BEST sushi in Tampa at Yoko's..Yoko herself came by to serve the Sushi and make sure things were good...I LOVE this place and have talked about it lots on this site...afterwards my friend said she had loved going to D'Lites for dessert, but a new place called Berryism opened up, and we thought we would give it a try. Its frozen yogurt, three different flavors, custard-like, wild berry, and green tea. There is about a dozen or so toppings, everything from fresh sliced fruits of all kinds, to Captain Crunch and Fruity Pebbles cereals, and the other typical toppings you would see. The yogurt was ok, kind of light and a little watery for my liking, they were very generous with the fresh berry toppings I had(blackberry, blueberry and raspberry).

I'm looking forward to the weekend with lots going on as usual, a few things to consider:

Live After Five downtown Tampa
Lion King Broadway Show - Tampa Performing Arts Center
Downtown Art Walk - St Petersburg
SudsFest - Florida Aquarium
TampaBay Caribbean Festival


sarah bovenzi said...

I work at berryism and I love that you enjoyed our frozen yogurt. Hope to see you again.

Anonymous said...

Berryism is just a knock-off of CaliYogurt in Hyde Park.

Anonymous said...

yeah and cali yogurt is a knock off of pinkberry. so maybe you should get over it and try it. its actually pretty good.

Anonymous said...

and cali yogurt is a knock off of pink berry. why dont you just try it and not be suck akid about it. its actually pretty good and the place looks nice clean and had amazing employees that strive to make their customers happy.

Anonymous said...

There's room for everyone, I personally like Sunnibunni the best, the organic fruit and active yogurt cultures won me over from Cali. I don't understand why everyone makes an issue about knock-offs. If you open a hamburger shop are you knocking-off McDonalds? It's tart yogurt, it's been around forever. Good luck to everyone.

Anonymous said...

I love Berryism... I've been a tart-froyo fan for a while and I was pumped when this place opened because its right on my commute from work. I find myself craving it everyday by about 4:00. The staff is super friendly and my personal favorite combo is green tea with captin crunch!!