Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tampa I Am Dining Preferences

I thought I'd start the new year listing my favorite dining spots around Tampa, and review/update the list each year. I dine out alot and prefer to patronize the local establishments. I hope to get some new favorites/recommendations to add next year.

Here's my 2008 list:

Diner: Three Coins, Mama's Kitchen
Sandwich's: Wright's Deli, Pane Rustica, Moxie's, Lenny's Subs(chain)
Mexican: Algusto's, Miguel's, Red Mesa
Italian: Laughing Cat, Bella's, Cellini's
Steak: Malio's, Bern's
BBQ: Jimbo's, Kojak's
Sushi: Yoko's, SOHO Sushi, Hook's
Seafood: Oystercatchers, Salt Rock Grille, Collanade, Crab Shack
Mediterranean: Acropolis, Byblos, Genghis Khan
Cuban/Spanish: Arco Iris, La Teresita, Columbia, SPAIN
Pizza: Cappy's, Eddie & Sam's, East Coast Pizza
Thai: Royal Palace, Thai Corner
Breakfast: Pach's Place, Mama's Kitchen
Chinese: Yummy House, China Yuan, Peking(take out)
Ice Cream/Gelato: La Casa Dolce, The Junction
Beachfront: Caddy's, Frenchy's

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