Monday, January 21, 2008

2008 Gasparilla Officially Begins!

After a huge storm battered the Tampa Bay area last evening, only to cancel the Children's Parade and postpone the Pirate Battle to Sunday evening(tonight). It was an incredible show, and far less people were all along Bayshore Blvd this year, which made enjoying the show great, no crowds, having the Boulevard and plenty of room to enjoy. Before we went, Maida made a great Italian dinner, and we watched the AFC Championship(Pats win), then Joe and I went to the traffic and lots of parking, the night air show was happening, and then the 25 minutes firework show took off, all synced to about 7 different songs, with the Jose Gaspar pirate ship glowing in the Bay, a Full Moon and downtown Tampa in the background, around 50 degrees.
Joe and I headed back over to Maida's for the NEF Championship(Giants), and then went to see "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" which had us laughing throughout then movie out loud many times. It was nice to see Ybor pretty busy on this Sunday night, but tomorrow is MLK Day, so it was a three day weekend for most.
Work brings me to Sarasota, then the party gets going Friday for the start of the Big Event, GASPARILLA INVASION AND PIRATE FEST.

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