Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tampa's BBQ - Jimbos's and another Feel Good Movie of the Summer-Stardust!

Was craving some BBQ, so we headed to Jimbo's on Kennedy Blvd near Lois Ave in Tampa. This place has been around awhile, head in the front door and your welcomed by lots of Picnic style tables, with long benches to sit on, and a few booths. Service has always been swift when I come in, friendly southern ladies. Lunch times this place can get packed, we arrived around 6pm, but by 7pm, most tables were filled with dinner crowd. Nothing Fancy, just down home BBQ - Chicken, Pork, Ribs, Beef, and Ham - Chopped or Sliced, Dinner or Sandwich. Side choices are Baked Beans, which are in a rather thick sweet sauce, smokey flavor, potato salad, plenty of eggs and mayo used with red new potatoes(skins on), French Fries, seasoned just right, or Cole Slaw, tangy. The portions are big. Each plate also comes with Hush Puppies, crispy on the outside, fresh, soft and warm on the inside. When seated, they immediately bring over the warm BBQ sauce, and you help yourself to the all you can eat pickle and hot pepper bar. Ive never has a disappointing meal at Jimbo's.

Afterwards we headed to Westshore AMC theaters for what I would consider another great feel good movie of the summer-Stardust. Everything is in this movie, comedy, tragedy, drama, and great acting, Robert DeNiro had us rolling in the aisles with his part. it is just a let everything go, and pick up your spirits kind of flick, with purpose filled messages about love and life mixed in.
On a side note, movies are now $9.00, Small popcorn is $4.00, where are we NYC? Seems just like gas, the prices just crept up within the past 18 months, as if we wouldn't notice. Same service, same theaters, as long as movies like Stardust continue to show, it'll be worth it I guess.

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