Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to Tampa from South Beach

Took off to South Beach Friday for this past weekend, it's nice to have many convenient flights to Miami, and not very expensive. Turns a 5 hour drive into 45 minutes, worth it! Its also nice to know that so close to Tampa is an International(very international) city. I get to Miami a few times a year for work, but this was a first time in a while for pleasure and to South Beach. Stayed at the Royal Palm resort, on the ocean next to Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road. Interesting to hear languages from all over(Europe, Latin America), a nice getaway, and since it was off-season, the pool areas, and beaches were bearable, as was the many fine restaurants and nightlife along Washington Ave and Lincoln Road areas.

As usual, it was nice to be back in smaller city of Tampa! Just flying over the city, there is so much greenery from all the trees and conservation areas throughout the city and county, and the abundance of waterways throughout the bay area.

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