Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Westshore Mens Hair Shoppe

I usually get my hair cut about once every three weeks, my usual spot that I was going to for the past 6 years just wasnt 'cuttin it'-no pun intended. The owner and I became good friends, but then he started not returning calls, or even showing up to cut my hair, he went through a rough divorce, and is dating women half his age and getting into all kinds of stuff...so I ventured off to Westshore Mens Hair Shoppe on Westshore Blvd., and no they dont sell hair there...but they do offer the great haircuts, they way I remember..there is one guy, John, from Long Island who moved down 6 years ago to be with his kids and grandkids, hes been in the biz for over 30 years. Then there are two women, bi-lingual, that are native to Tampa. What's nice about this place is they remember you, are extremely friendly, and a locals place. It seems everyone knows everyone else..which is kinda nice. Its the kind of place where you here stories of peoples families, things going on in town, etc. its a great neighborhood place. But most of all, they are experts with the clippers and scissors, and provide and strait razor shave to the neck, and a clip of the eyebrows..a total mens shoppe. This was my third visit, and it has always been consistent. Another plus, is you never have to make an apppointment, just walk on in. Its a Mens Shoppe, the most you'll maybe wait is 10 minutes..no hair dye smells, no smells of nail polish, just a guys place.

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