Sunday, January 7, 2007

First Weekend of 2007

Saturday evening started with the annual Night Pond and Garden Tour. There were 11 homes this year in South Tampa, showing off there backyard Pond and Lanscaping in the evenings with lighting. A great time, going from house to house ended at my neighbors.
We then headed to Ybor City, first Wranglers to meet up with Kyle and his friend Joe, then to Green Iguana, and ending the evening at GBar.
Sunday was speant with the family. We first went to the 80th anniversary party of Tampa Theater, took backstage tours, and even was able to explore the projection room. Then we had some light fare at Jacksons Bistro on Harbour Island sitting outside along the waterfront with great views of downtown(The Pats beat the Jets)...a nice car ride down Bayshore followed to Ballast Point Pier for ice cream, and a nice walk on the Pier.

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