Sunday, November 9, 2008

South Westshore Thai

A new Thai restaurant opened up in the 'hood off South Westshore Blvd, about 10 blocks from my house. Jasmine Thai has a couple of other restaurants in the Bay area. An amazing job refurbishing this once Cuban place, and now it is very authentic Thai decor(even some of the decor and settings are from Thailand, according to the Hostess). Very clean, modern, Asian influenced from floor to ceiling. Our very friendly Asian server took our orders, we started with Tom Yum and Wonton Soups..the Tom Yum was very good, a bit spicy and sour, very fresh and flavorful with Chicken, and the Wonton was also very fresh, very thin Wonton skin stuffed with pork, bean sprouts and Asian veges, clear garlic flavored broth. Our meals consisted of Chicken Pineapple Curry - sweet and sour with just the right kick of spice, tender chunks of Chicken, large portion; Garlic and Black Pepper Chicken - huge portion with mixed Asian Veges in a very light sauce; and Crispy basket salad with grilled Chicken - a small sized salad in an edible shell, Asian veges and Greens, thinly sliced Grilled Chicken, and came with several dipping dressings.
We ended dinner with Banana Chips, fresh sliced bananas wrapped in a dough and fried, then drizzled with honey..perfect.
I have never been to Jasmine Thai, but found it to be VERY good, my dinner guests LOVE Thai food, and claimed this was very good. Nice to have another authentic eatery open up in the neighborhood.

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