Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hyde Park Village Music Series

Me and a good friend went up to Hyde Park Village Wednesday evening for their monthly Music Series. Its a great gathering of people from the local area, and the beer sales are always for a good cause. Easy parking in the neighborhood behind the Village, we walked into the event, maybe a few hundred people, and a live band entertaining the folks. My friend did not drink beer, so we had to go to several places to find her a non-beer beverage. Timpano's was selling mixed cocktails, but only allowed to drink inside the restaurant and also they would only allow you inside the restaurant if you had ID(she is 36, but left her ID behind) we wondered over to Wine Exchange, a livelier crowd here, and a very friendly bartender allowed us to purchase her a wine, and gave us a to go cup so we could attend the festival....lots of good people watching, we both ran into many people we don't see often, so it was great catching up with people's lives on a monthly basis in an event like this.

After the event, we headed closer to my home for some eats, and ended up where else, but the Green Iguana Westshore. Bar Manager John was just married last month, and heading out to Seattle in the morning with his new wife for a nice long weekend getaway..we stayed a while to help him celebrate(we did the celebrating while he worked)...again, the burger I had(Portabella Cheese burger), was awesome, juicy, meaty, and love the crinkle cut fries...she ahd them prepare a grilled chicken breast and mixed veges...cooked and seasoned perfectly.....and of course there was live music and the crowd for entertainment purposes.

Heading out to see some buddies in Kansas City Friday for a long Labor Day Weekend, be back in Tampa Wednesday!!


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