Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tampa Doggie Doctor and a some South Tampa eats

My little girl was due for her annual vaccinations and wellness check up, so off we went to the Veterinary Medical Clinic on Henderson Blvd in South Tampa. I have been going here for over 7 years with my boy each year, and every visit has always been very easy, they take your kids at the exact time of the appt, very thorough and knowledgeable on how to treat and respect the kids, and extremely friendly Tech's to assist. The kids always get a little nervous with the smells and people around, it's nice to have a very calming atmosphere with people that generally care for your kids well being.
Later went to see the Indiana Jones new flick, pretty good, but typical of an Indiana Jones movie, too much dialogue for my taste, then it was out to enjoy a late evening dinner outside, as the weather was still nice and dry, although warm.
We went to Hawk's on Bay to Bay Blvd, they have a large outdoor patio, with TV's outside to view any sports games that might be going on. Friendly staff, they now offer sushi, we decided to try a Mexican Roll, and it was typical but very good. The other items we ordered were Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken - the lettuce was a bit chewy, and it didn't have the accompaniments of a Greek Salad, so we wont be ordering that again; and also the Cuban sandwich, which was stuffed with meats and cheeses found on any Cuban, I find most the sandwiches at this place to always be overstuffed and delicious.
My kids Rika and Tyson at Picnic Island Beach and Park.

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