Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wooden Door

After seeing a great movie at the AMC Westshore up the street(Bank Job-by the way Wednesday is free popcorn night, and you prctically have the whole theater to yourself), a buddy and I headed to meet a few friends at a newly opened Irish Bar and Grill in my neighborhood, The Wooden Door, off Westshhore Blvd and Euclid Ave in South Tampa. I'm still waiting for the "wooden door" being imported from Ireland and some signage for this place. There were about eight of us all together, and they now have a full menu, and a stocked bar along with the half dozen or so beers on tap. Nice outdoor patio, but it was a bit cool this evening, so we had a few tables put together inside. The food looked good(they were having wings, onion rings, fish and chips which all said were very good). Nice to have another establishment within walking distance to the house, i'll have to try lunch here soon with the dogs outside.

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