Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Photo Shoot, Channelside Tapas and IMAX Concert

A buddy of mine is going to Photography School at the International Academy of Design and Technology here in Tampa, and asked me to be one of their models Friday evening...reluctantly I say ok, and what an interesting experience. I learned alot about what typical models something go through in photo shoots, for this particular shot, they needed profiles and portraits. Poking and prodding of the clothes, my face, posing in awkward positions, holding still, constant changes in lighting, and the use of props( a cigar)...and hearing such terms as 'Rembrandt' and 'cloning'...I was enlightened to the world of Photography. Im looking forward to see the final products after being worked on in the "Digital Dark Room".
It was getting late and after 9:30pm Friday, so after the photo shoot we headed to Channelside for some late eats, it's nice that all the restaurants in Channelside stay open late in the night, we decided on Spanish Tapas at Tina's Tapas. What a great choice, we were seated in the dimly lit lounge area in an over sized raised booth overlooking the nice large circular bar, spanish/flamenco music playing in the back ground, and a decent crowd for late night eating. After sipping on some Spanish beers, our orders came to the table within 10 minutes of ordering..starting with a seared Ahi Tuna on mixed greens with diced mango and tomato, grilled veges, a perfectly cooked steak and chicken, with excellent sauces. After that, the Filet Mignon topped with melted blue cheese and Yellow Rice and Black Beans came out to end the meal, again, perfectly cooked, and delicious. Service was friendly, and it was nice to have the food come out piece by piece tapas style, and so soon, because we were heading to a concert in the IMAX theater.
U23D - the first ever concert filmed in IMAX and 3D technologies, what a RUSH! From when they first came out on stage, the sound alone was very impressive, but then you have Bono and Edge playing right to you, and you are practically reaching out to touch them at times. And the amazing stage and special effects from their latest outdoor concert in Argentina. All of U2's most popular songs played, not only did you want to get up a sing alone, but you really had the best seats int he house for this concert, at times I wanted to grab onto some of the concert audience it was that real, and made for an amazing experience all together.

Lots to do this WINDY and CHILLY weekend, here are a few:

Cajun Zydeco Crawfish Festival
Tampa Jewish Film Festival
Selby Gardens Plant Festival
St Pete Art Gallery Walk
Ybor City Beer Fest

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