Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tampa Basketball - USF Bulls!

A buddy and I attended a USF Bulls(my alumnus) Basketball game last night against Seton Hall. I was a bit nervous about leaving my South Tampa house at exactly 5pm, to head to the north end of Tampa to the USF Sun Dome (about 17 miles), and getting there on time. It must have been a good day, because although traffic was a little slow on I-275 North after downtown to about Sligh Avenue, it was moving, and what is usually less than a 25 minute ride, was actually 40 minutes, so not so bad. I have to say there may be traffic in this city during peak times, but it is NOTHING compared to the major cities.
We had Green and Gold passes, which entitled us to a buffet meal, and meeting with the Coach prior to the game, in the Corral Room of the Dome. Columbia Restaurant did a great job catering for the Green and Gold members, and immediately after the game there is dessert and coffee offered.
It was a tight game to the last 3 seconds, but USF lost it's second to last home game, 75-79. They are now 11-17, (2-13 Conference). going to the game is very nostalgic, seeing the alumni and students, I can remember when the Dome would be packed when I attended USF, tonight it was half full. I'm sure if they had a better record there would be more people in the seats, but the game itself is exciting, and being in the BIG EAST Conference, there are some great teams that play here against the Bulls. Also, since Tampa does not have a professional Basketball team, this makes for great entertainment if you are a Basketball or just a Sports fan, unless you make the 70 minute drive to Orlando for the Magic games.

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